Lesson  2

How to Learn Words

I go to school on Tuesday again. One student asks a question which is very interesting. She asks, “What is the best method to learn new words?”

Our teacher says, “There are many things which you can do if you want to learn new words. For me, reading is the best.

If you read, you learn faster than people who don’t read. It is good to read for 30 minutes every day. I want to show you what you can do if you want to get the maximum from reading.

It is very important that the book or text which you read is interesting for you. The book can be a nice story. The text can have some interesting information for your job or your hobby. Don’t read a text which isn’t interesting for you.

It is good to read a text in which you know a lot of words. Of course sometimes you can see words which you don’t know.

When you see a word which you don’t know, take a dictionary and look at the word in the dictionary. Then continue reading.

You don’t have to write the word on a piece of paper. You don’t have to try to remember the word. When you translate the word, continue reading. Concentrate only on understanding the text. It is important. When you see another new word, translate the word.

The method is very simple. You only read and you translate new words. It is all.

Reading is also good because when you read, you learn how every word is connected to other words in the sentence. You see how to connect the words correctly.

This method of learning new words is very effective. Try it and you can see how fast you can learn new words.”

Then we continue with the lesson. We speak about the situation in England. We speak about the best jobs for students. This is good because I want to have a job. I want to do something after my school.

I ask other students if they know where I can find a job. They tell me that I can go to a job centre. The job centre has a lot of jobs for students. This is good for me. I am happy that I know where I can find a job.

When my day at school is finished, I go to the job centre. I don’t know what jobs I can do. So I ask the lady at the job centre what the best job for a student is. The lady tells me that they have some good jobs for students. She tells me that I can be a cleaner or a waiter in a café.

I tell the lady that I have no experience with these jobs. She tells me that my English is good fot work at a café. The training is not difficult and I can use English when I speak to customers.

The lady tells me that I can start my job on Thursday. It is all good for me. I’m happy that I have a job where I can use English.

When you want to learn new words effectively, read for 30 minutes every day.